Organic Chemical Compound Fertilizer



NPK 16-18-6 Organic Matter: 15% min;

Effective Microorganisms Count: 20 million/g min;

Appearance: black granular

Packaging: 40kg WPP/PE bag or customized.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.



It is a kind of professional fertilizer which is suitable for various plants. It meets the nutritional requirements of plants in different life periods. Its control release effect promotes the growth of root and seedling, controls the interim growth of plant and avoids prematurely senility. The effective microorganisms can inhibit harmful bacteria, increase the disease resistance of plants and promote the absorption of fertilizer. This product can significantly improve the yield and quality of crops. It also helps the reclamation of saline-alkali soil and reduces soil-borne disease to meet the requirements of sustainable development.



It is suitable for a variety of vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and field crops.

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