A number of famous colleges and universities visited GENLIDUO to investigate cooperation issues

  On July 22, henan agricultural university vice-chancellor Tan Jinfang led the team, hebei agricultural university, dean of the school of life sciences and plant protection, Dong Jingao led the team and Zhang Yancai, director of fertilizer technology research institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment Research Institution in hebei province academy of agricultural sciences, led the team accompanied by Wang Mingqing, director of Wei County agriculture Bureau, a total of more than 10 people visited GENLIDUO to examine scientific research projects with fertilizer cooperation, Xing MingZhen, vice GM of GENLIDUO and Cai Tonghai, Chief Technical Officer of GENLIDUO, on behalf of the chairman Wang Shuping leadership, a warm welcome to visit and made detailed introduction of research and development center.


  According to Chai Tonghai, the company is a high-tech enterprise and listed enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of biological protein fertilizer, organic fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, microbial agent and soil remediation products. During the course of development, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation and adheres to the development path of combining production, study and research. The company has established the only bio-fertilizer engineering technology research center in Hebei province and the enterprise workstation of Hebei science and technology experts, as well as the postdoctoral research workstation of Xingtai bio-fertilizer engineering technology.

    In 2017, GENLIDUO, Hebei Agricultural University and Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry respectively established the "teaching and research production combination base" and "scientific and technological achievements transformation base". At the same time, GENLIDUO company has established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences', China agricultural university, Nanjing agricultural university, south China agricultural university, Jiangxi agricultural university and so on, hired a number of authoritative professor, agricultural science and technology leader for enterprise experts, committed to the new fertilizer products research and development, promotion and service work, also hope to establish profound friendship with Henan agricultural university, reached a strategic cooperation.


    In GENLIDUO research and development centers, laboratories, agrochemical preparation room, room, fermentation chamber, constant greenhouse, sterile room, and other functions of the various departments of the research and development equipment attracted the attention of visiting leaders, from GENLIDUO’s various precision instruments and equipment research to the staff quality of development center, the visiting leaders have said GENLIDUO can be regarded as more shares of the country's largest microbial fertilizer production enterprises for real.


   Tan Jinfang, vice President of Henan Agricultural University, said that seeing the development history of GENLIDUO and the current achievements in biotechnology research and development, we believe that GENLIDUO’s microbial fertilizer products can help our project research. There will be a special person to connect with GENLIDUO in the follow-up cooperation on fertilizer application. Meanwhile, I wish you a win-win cooperation in the research and fertilizer application of the project.

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