Core dealer of GENLIDUO To Japan visits modern agriculture

From July 2nd to 8th, directed by Wang Shuping, chairman of GENLIDUO BIO-TECCH CORPORATION, the top 15 core dealers of 2017 annual sales groups to Japan, watched Sanmu microbiology Co., Ltd and agricultural supermarket, rural crop base in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya.



This activity is of great significance and has opened our eyes to the world's advanced biotechnology, organic fertilizer manufacturing, crop production and agricultural distributors. More gratifying is that through friendly consultation, GENLIDUO and Japan sanmu microorganism co., ltd. have reached a deep cooperation intention. The two sides choose the other party as the only strategic partner. Both technologies and products are unique to each other.

planting base

The Japanese spirit is that you only do one thing in your life, so long as you choose to keep improving, never change your mind. Always learn from others' strengths, listen to others' opinions and make up for your shortcomings. Japanese agricultural products are produced in pursuit of quality, strictly in accordance with legal standards, under the guidance of cooperatives, agricultural inputs more organic, less inorganic mix, agricultural capital big supermarket give various programmes; Japanese society pays special attention to soil health, and then pursues human health!

organic fertilizer workshop

The 15 core dealers' bosses all said with emotion: after visiting Japan's modern agriculture, which are exactly like GENLDUO, which has strengthened their confidence to work with it.The bosses said that their choice is greater than their efforts. They will work hard on the market after return home and strive to stay in the top 15 in 2018.

clean and tidy agriculture supermarket

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