Genliduo New YIXIUJUN Mineral Fertilizer into Market

Genliduo new product YIXIUJUN in both powder and granular sizes has been promoted into the market and received good feedback from clients. It is made from natural soil forming rock with kinds of mineral elements. With advanced steaming process for 12 hours with 190℃ and 1MPa, mineral elements are activated and refined into nano-grade powder. It mainly contains K-Ca-Si: 4-25-20 and others like Fe, Mg, S, B and Zn. Moreover, mycorrhizal fungi and photosynthetic bacteria are added. Its pH value is about 10.5, thus can balance acid soil. 

It has main 5 functions: 

1.Increase resistance to soil saline and re-plant, reduction of heavy metal pollution;

2.Plays an important role to prevent rice root rot; 

3.Crops increase resistance to lodging; 

4.Prevent fruits cracking; 

5.Increase photosynthetic activity and Increase the chlorophyll content.


Application Guidance:

Usually broadcast application together with chemical fertilizers as base fertilizer.

Dosage: field crops 600kgs/hectare

Applicable Crops: vegetables, fruit trees, and field crops such as rice and corn.


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